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With open enrollment for Georgia's health insurance marketplace coming soon, Bloomberg explores how some Georgia lawmakers are attempting to block implementation of the ACA. Learn how nonprofits are advocating against cuts in food stamps. And check out how your nonprofit can receive free Microsoft Office 365 software!


Food Stamps Facing Scheduled Cuts, Plus Attacks in Congress (Nonprofit Quarterly)
In news that affects any nonprofit working to help Americans living in poverty, already-diminished food stamp payouts (victims of new spending restrictions) are under new threat this week from an emboldened political class that sees government help for the (largely working) poor as a giveaway to those “unwilling to work.” The Chronicle of Philanthropy has the response from New York nonprofits that trekked to D.C. on Thursday to advocate against the proposed cuts.

Florida’s top charity regulator considers reforms (Nonprofit Quarterly)
NPQ notes that, thanks to the Tampa Bay-Times’ ongoing investigative series “America’s Worst Charities,” the Florida official in charge of nonprofit oversight plans to ask lawmakers for a series of policy changes that will have a big impact on the sector--including a requirement that at least 25% of donations go to help those in need.

India mandates increase in charitable giving by corporations; critics fear government control (The Washington Post)
India’s government is now requiring highly profitable companies--those making roughly $78 million or more--to spend at least 2% of their earnings on community development projects.


Georgia’s Dangerous War Against Obamacare (Bloomberg)
The national business press takes a look at the steps Gov. Deal’s administration has been taking to obstruct the Affordable Care Act, in particular his failure to create state insurance exchanges he used to support--before money from insurers began rolling in to his political action committee, Real PAC.


Three Ways Crowdfunding Can Support Traditional Fundraising (Joanne Fritz / About.com)

The founder and CEO of a new crowdfunding platform for nonprofits presents a few reasons why the trendy new online solicitation schemes (like, say, Georgia Gives) is a perfect way to expand the reach, impact, and transparency of your next giving campaign.

The secret behind year end fundraising fall appeals (The Fundraising Coach)
A few unexpected lessons for your next appeal from fundraising coach Marc Pitman, who encourages you to not to overthink--lest you go over the heads of your audience. Instead, “go back to the beginning” and capture what drew you to your organization in the first place.


Nonprofits and Content Strategy: The Wisdom of the Network (Beth’s Blog)
A practical primer on using online social networks like Facebook and Twitter to develop content for your communications--filled with tips that were themselves developed using online social networks like Facebook and Twitter!

Marketing Fundraising Events to Baby Boomers (GuideStar)
Tips for capturing the next generation of big donors, as the long-relied-upon Greatest Generation (aka “Matures”) begins its sunset in earnest.  

Cut to the Chase: How Stories Engage (Stanford Social Innovation Review)
A great reminder about the most vital part of any story--the problem--and why storytelling is still the best way to engage people, no matter what kind of cause you champion or call-to-action you’re ultimately making.


The Effect of One Word in Successful Nonprofit Recruitment (Nonprofit Quarterly)
Examining the data uncovered in an opinion piece on business news site Quartz, NPQ draws a less pessimistic conclusion than the original article (titled “Four charts that should scare the nonprofit sector”) from the fact that searches for nonprofit job openings are down by as much as 66% since before 2005--urging nonprofits to claim phrases like “social good” and “social enterprise” for the sector, and watch applicants come flocking back.

Critical Knowledge Gap Exists Between Foundations and Nonprofits, Report Finds (Philanthropy News Digest)
A new study from Center for Effective Philanthropy finds that nearly 50 percent of nonprofit leaders don’t think grantmakers understand the challenges faced by their grantees.



Microsoft to Offer Nonprofits Office 365 Free of Charge (The NonProfit Times)
On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that it would offer the latest version of its ubiquitous software suite--including Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more--free of charge to nonprofits in 41 countries.

The Nonprofit Microsite: What, Why, & How (StayClassy)
An alternate way to reach your audience, a microsite--”thematic webpages that focus on a single overarching message”--can take users on a deep dive into one aspect of your mission. StayClassy has examples, explanations, and even a template to show you how this concentrated solution might be perfect for your next big campaign.


Mission possible: Finding and keeping volunteers (Event Garde)

If you’re having trouble retaining your volunteers, it may be due to an outdated approach--one that prioritizes process and titles over impact and flexibility. In a talk with PR consultant Kristen Parker, the co-authors of a new white paper on modern volunteer management outline the principles and practices of a mission-driven volunteer program.


Findings Friday: 7 Tips for Effective Visual Storytelling (GCN)
A new guide from Resource Media will empower you to use imagery to its fullest extent. By employing these seven fundamental practices, you’ll be able to tell your story and hook new followers.

GA Gives Day Help Desk: Setting Up Personal Fundraisers (GCN)
In the months since GA Gives Day 2012, Gwinnett United in Drug Education has used the personal fundraiser feature of the Georgia Gives Day website to bring in more than $4,000 in additional donations. Find out how you can, too, with this brief primer--or, if you’re looking for a rundown of the basics, check out the first of our GGD webinars, now available on demand.

Marc Schultz is Writer/Editor at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits. 

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