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What's the latest on the House's cut of $40 million to food stamps? Giving Days are trending all over the country; don't miss out! And read more on how stories can bring your mission to life for donors and supporters! 


Barbaric Budget Cuts: Republicans on Hill Aim at Food Stamps (Nonprofit Quarterly)
In a largely party-line vote, the House of Representatives last week voted to cut food stamp funding by $40 billion over 10 years. Rick Cohen points out that, though Pres. Obama promised to veto the Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act should it pass the Senate and reach his desk, Democrats have their own version of the bill that will cut $4 billion from the program, and wonders how politicians got the idea that fewer food stamps leads to fewer hungry Americans.

Top donors choosing guns over aid for Syria (Humanosphere)
As the Syrian civil war, and its attendant humanitarian crisis, rolls on, Oxfam research shows that 16 donating countries--including Russia, France, and the U.S.--are providing aid in amounts that fall well short of their fair share, and that many of those contributing countries are more interested in arming Syrian fighters than feeding, housing, or healing the innocent Syrians caught in the middle.


Why Fundraisers are Bad at Bequest Marketing (Bloomerang)
Calling bequests “major gifts for the rest of us,” communications coach Tom Ahern shows you why it’s worth it to pursue bequest giving, the how fundraisers typically miss the opportunity.

It’s Giving Days Season! No It’s a Giving Days Moment! (Beth’s Blog)
With inspiring statistics and helpful links, Beth Kanter welcomes us to a new season of Give Days (including our own Georgia Gives Day, Nov. 13), which got underway on the 19th with North Texas Giving Day and continues all the way through the second annual national day of donation, Giving Tuesday on Dec. 3.

How Nonprofit Crowdfunding is Changing Fundraising for Good (Co.Labs / Fast Company)
A look at WeDid.It, one of the new crowdfunding options for nonprofits that are hoping to take cause fundraising the way of crowdfunding-for-individuals sites like (the wildly successful) Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Meanwhile, Guidestar has some practical tips for using social media to support your crowdfunding campaign.


Strengthen Your Organization With a Sacred Story (Network for Good)
Stories don’t just help you capture the emotions and imagination of supporters, they help define your nonprofit for the people who work there. Here, Network for Good shares three story types outlined by “storytelling champion” Andy Goodman that can bring a new sense of purpose and identity to your nonprofit: creation stories, value stories, and striving-to-improve stories. For a deeper dive, The Bridgespan Group has a lengthy interview with Goodman covering “sacred stories” and more.

Humor as Part of a Nonprofit Social Content and Engagement Strategy: Hilarious Examples (Beth’s Blog)
Humor can be tricky--but on social media, it’s highly valuable. Beth Kanter points to some recent research stating what should be pretty obvious: online, people like to share the funny. Along with links to some recent tips on making humor work for your nonprofit, Kanter shares some prime examples from nonprofit spoof accounts like “NONPROFIT HULK” and “The Whiny Donor.”


7-Step Non-Profit Plan to Attract and Keep Corporate Partners (Beth’s Blog)
A guest post from consultant Simon Mainwaring featuring a step-by-step plan for getting corporations into your corner. First thing to keep in mind: “explaining how working together will help the corporation,” not just the beneficiaries: “time-poor, overloaded and busy corporate partners respond far better to a solution to an existing problem than the addition of a new one.”


To Get to the Good, You Gotta Dance With the Wicked (Stanford Social Innovation Review)
Adding their thoughts to a recent SSIR article, “When Good is Not Good Enough,” four nonprofit pros dive into the challenges of “transformational change,” using their own experience to develop six suggestions for solving “wicked” problems--those that are complex, vaguely-defined, ever-shifting, and all too typical.   

The Bigger the Budget, the Bigger the Pay Gap at Nonprofits (The Atlantic Wire)
The median pay for women is lower than for men in the sector--a known problem. What new research indicates, however, is a striking correlation between a nonprofit’s size and the amount women on the payroll get shorted compared to their male counterparts.


Silicon Valley’s depressing vision for the social sector (Full Contact Philanthropy)
How the for-profit techno-wizards are failing the nonprofit sector, and why nonprofit-for-nonprofits tech organizations (like Social Solutions and Volunteer Match) are doing a much better job making the work of nonprofits easier and more effective online.   


GCN joins the Georgia Food Bank Association to defend nonprofit tax exemptions (GCN)
Before a Governor-appointed task force, the Atlanta Community Food Bank and GCN defended the vital tax provisions for nonprofits that were phased out in 2010 and vetoed upon passage in 2013--prompting the president and CEO of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce to declare their full support for the exemptions.

The Six Ps of Successful Friend-Raising (GCN)
Fundraising isn't just about asking for money—it's about committed relationships, and the conscious effort it takes to start and sustain them. That's the idea behind "friend-raising," an approach that GCN's own Chris Allers walks you through in his latest helpful how-to.

Power Up Your Campaign Giving (GCN)
GCN and SunTrust are proud to announce a special members-only presentation focused on building nonprofit success through diverse financial resources. The Sept. 26 program features a talk by Georgetown’s Julie Dixon and strategic planning huddles with Dixon, local online marketing expert Davin Green, and the rest of the GCN/SunTrust team.

Findings Friday | Metro Atlanta Nonprofit Performance, Part 1: Strategic Planning (GCN)
A study of nonprofit performance conducted by GCN and The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta looked at the strategic planning practices of nearly 400 organizations. The conclusions: your organization probably has a strategic plan--but that strategic plan probably isn’t everything it should be.

Marc Schultz is Writer/Editor at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits.

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