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Which charities pay their executives $1 million or more? Compare and contrast two high performing Atlanta nonprofits (and GCN members) with reporting by Creative Loafing and WABE; one with three employees, the other with 10,000+.  And take three guesses as to where donors have gone, with results from AFP’s 2013 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey.  


Charities Demonstrate Impact of Shutdown (The Chronicle of Philanthropy)
United Way executives from across the country, including Georgia, joined a number of other nonprofits nationwide when they convened on Washington to meet with elected officials concerning the effects of the government shutdown.

Top charity CEOs pay exceeds $1 million (CNN)
According to a just-published Charity Navigator survey, 11 nonprofits (out of nearly 4,000) pay their top executive $1 million or more. Those organizations include Boys and Girls Club of America, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and National Jewish Health, all of which, Charity Navigator notes, are “multi-million dollar operations.”

Watchdog NGO Wins Nobel Peace Prize for Chemical Weapons Work (Nonprofit Quarterly)
The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, an international NGO formed to implement the Chemical Weapons Convention and most recently engaged to deal with the Syrian chemical weapon stockpile, took home the Nobel Peace Prize this week. NPQ notes that this member of the “nonprofit/non-governmental community” is a reminder of “the critical roles” of groups “uncontrolled by any one government or business interest.”


At End of Day, Big/Small Nonprofits Face Same Issue (WABE)
In the second part of their look at Georgia nonprofits, WABE and Creative Loafing profile GCN members CARE and Atlanta Community ToolBank to find out how two nonprofits are faring in the post-recession economy. 


Where Have All the Donors Gone? Three Guesses (Clarification)
A fundraising coach looks at the results of AFP’s 2013 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey, which finds that donor retention rates continue a discouraging downward swing. Her solution: focus more on retaining the smaller donors, rather than burning all your resources courting the majors.   

Foundation Offers Gen Y Donors an Affordable Way to Give (Associations Now)
A startup called the One Percent Foundation is giving Millennials the chance to give despite their less-than-stellar spending power, with a scheme that asks pledges for just 1% of their income--as little as a few dollars a month--but provides a sense of accomplishment in charting the impact of those pooled funds. 


10 Nonprofits Nailing Pinterest Marketing (HubSpot)
An inspiring and insightful list of nonprofits doing bang-up work on the image-bookmarking site of record, Pinterest. Examples include orgs who use Pinterest to promote merchandise (The Trevor Project), to highlight field work (Jolkona), to relate their history (American Red Cross), and to serve as their main site (P.INK Foundation).

7 Steps to Compelling Staff Bios on Your Nonprofit Website (Nonprofit Hub)
Sure, we’ve all heard it: “People give to people, not to causes.” Make your people the star of your site with this smart, easy-to-follow overview of staff bios, complete with examples. 

4 Tips for Turning Your Visitors into Loyal Members (npENGAGE / Blackbaud)
More people than ever are discovering nonprofits online. But how do you get a curious visitor to commit? These tips from a senior marketing manager at Blackbaud will help you make the most of new relationships.

[Toolkit] “The Art of Listening: Social Media Toolkit for Nonprofits” (PhilanTopic)
The philanthropy blog highlights a new guide from Berkley, Calif.’s Greenlining Institute that should prove helpful for nonprofits just getting into social media, or who want to develop a more robust social media strategy.


Keep it Simple: Lessons on Feedback Tools for Nonprofits (LinkedIn)
The CEO of GreatNonprofits shares some of the insights they’ve gained from six years of collecting beneficiary feedback for a wide range of organizations.

Marc Schultz is Writer/Editor at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits. 

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