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Looking for a way to help those affected by the typhoon in the Philippines? How does nonprofit economic growth stack up against growth in the corporate and government sectors? And just how much did Georgians donate on Georgia Gives Day 2013? Find out more, in this week's recap of nonprofit news!


Donations pouring in for Phillipines may not be enough 
(USA Today)
Though individual donations for disaster relief are on track to reach $1 billion, it may still fall short of what’s needed in the region devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. If you’re still looking for a way to help, npEngage has a list of reliable nonprofits working in the region.

Rise of the Nonprofit Sector
This infographic provides a fascinating snapshot of the sector nationwide, illustrating in a number of ways what it means for nonprofits to be growing faster than both business and government (as reported earlier this month by the Urban Institute).  

Six Problems: Third in a Series on the WaPo Nonprofit “Asset Diversion” Database
(Nonprofit Quarterly)
In his final post on the Washington Post investigative series that began with the headline “Inside the hidden world of thefts, scams, and phantom purchases at the nation’s nonprofits,” Rick Cohen draws six lessons from the data that largely go against the misguided popular interpretation—”that nonprofits tend as a class toward bad managers or crooks or both”—instead finding fault in dishonest investment firms, inadequate oversight, and lack of support for small nonprofits. GuideStar, meanwhile, uses the exposé as an opportunity for a simple-but-smart three point plan for dealing with a crisis caused by internal errors like employee misconduct.


Georgia Gives Day raises nearly $1.45 million for nonprofits
(Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
GCN’s own Georgia Gives Day came roaring back on Wednesday to raise more than $1,448,000 for nonprofits across the state, nearly doubling the 2012 total of $782,225. In fact, as WABE reports, Georgia Gives Day 2013 had an entire year’s worth of online fundraising—$900,000—beat by mid-afternoon.


Beyond Generic Giving Levels, Productize Your Fundraising Appeals
(Sidekick Solutions)
“Mission Products”: A new best practice? Sidekick looks at the smart ways Ronald McDonald House is enhancing its donor appeals by explaining what giving at each level means for their beneficiaries.

Bad Executives and Lost-in-Space Boards: More on What Stops You From Raising Money
(Nonprofit Quarterly)
Based in a new study from CompassPoint, this post looks at the leadership problems that get in the way of effective fundraising, including board members who think their business-world savvy is directly applicable to nonprofit fundraising, and CEOs who think they can get by without a dedicated development officer. (See this earlier column for more on the importance of development officers, and the reasons they get burned out.)


6 Tricks to Make Your Content Skimmable
(Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog / Nonprofit Marketing Guide)
As everything textual on the internet moves toward smaller and smaller wordcounts (think micro-blogging sites like Twitter and Facebook), web audiences are less and less likely to read through an entire story. Here are some useful tips for making your posts, articles, and emails short-attention-span-friendly.

Nonprofit Content Marketing—Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends for 2014
(npEngage / Blackbaud)
Find out what buzzterm “content marketing” really means, before taking a look at the ways nonprofits are using it, in this helpful introduction to a new (free-to-download) study conducted by Blackbaud and the Content Marketing Institute—complete with an interactive infographic.

The Top  4 Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns of 2013
(And What You Can Learn) (Nonprofit Hub)
A look at four online campaigns waged over networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube that yielded impressive results.

Marc Schultz is Writer/Editor at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits.

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