GCN.org's Most Popular Articles of 2014

We’re constantly adding new content—articles, blog posts, and toolkits—to GCN.org. In case you missed it, catch up with what your peers were reading about last year with our Top 10 articles from 2014.

1) How Allen Proctor's Grid will Revolutionize Your Nonprofit
One of our most popular articles since we published it in 2013, former Harvard University CFO Allen Proctor urges nonprofits to think of their organization as two businesses under the same roof, and offers a mission-money matrix as a new sustainable business model. To learn more, read Proctor's follow-up article.

2) Who’s On Board
The feature from the winter issue of Georgia Nonprofit NOW includes the latest research from our board motivation study, as well as strategies and tools to recruit and engage your own effective governance team. Then, in a companion piece, we asked board chairs at GCN member organizations about the most valuable aspect of their board service.

3) Board or Superboard: The Engaged Board Member Difference at Moving in the Spirit
Moving in the Spirit Executive Director Dana Lupton and Development Director Heather Infantry share how they've transformed their board experience into "a joy."

4) Before the Big Ask: Four Questions You Must Answer
Authors Howard Stevenson and Shirley Spence study donor motivations to create four questions you should be able to answer to create a compelling case for how their donation will impact your constituents.

5) Captain Planet Foundation: Empowering Everyday Superheroes
In 2014, we continued to tell the stories of our GCN members through our monthly Member Story series. These profiles, like September’s sitdown with Captain Planet Foundation chair Laura Turner Seydel, show how your peers across the state are handling key nonprofit performance areas—development, volunteer management, business planning, etc.—to continue to meet their mission.

6) IDEAS 2014: Georgia Nonprofit Innovation at Work
Our first annual crop of innovative ideas at work in nonprofits across Georgia, highlighting the vibrant hub of problem-solvers, thought leaders and change makers driving thriving communities in our state.

7) Mayor Kasim Reed: Another Term of Service
January 2014 marked the inauguration of Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed to a second term. We sat down with Reed less than a week after his inauguration for his perspective on how Atlanta’s past and present helps to sustain a thriving nonprofit sector.

8) Funding Your Mission with a Social Enterprise
There are more ways to generate revenue than asking for it, as proven in this roundup of successful business ventures run and capitalized on by 13 GCN member nonprofits.

9) The Youngest Leader in the Room
Advice for the new generation of leaders, and insight for those who work with them, in these highlights from a recent panel discussion put together exclusively for recipients of the Nonprofit Leaders 30 Under 30 Awards, featuring four young nonprofit directors—Lara Smith of Dad’s Garage, Qaadirah Abdur-Rahim of Future Foundation, Austin Dickson of Literacy Action, and Rebecca Serna of Atlanta Bicycle Coalition—with plenty to say.

10) Social Media Strategies for Aspiring Thought Leaders
“A logo won’t build trust in your organization’s brand. For that you need a human face and voice,” says nonprofit social media guru Beth Kanter. Here, she provides a compelling case for why your key staff should be posting and Tweeting to influence others, share perceptions in the field, and become a go-to source for those seeking to understand sector issues.

BONUS: Trust and Transition at RRISA
2014 marked the merger of two GCN member organizations, as Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services of Atlanta merged with Refugee Family Services to create New American Pathways. Here, RRISA ED Paedia Mixon and Board Chair Judy Clements reveal the importance of trust, honesty, and engagement while undergoing a radical organizational shift like a merger, or a more typical shift, like the transition from a founding board to a working board.


Tom Zimmerman is GCN's Communications Manager and editor of the GCN blog.

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