Fundraising Tip: August 2013

August 29, 2013
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It's only the end of August, but Google data shows many donors are already planning their year-end giving.  Is your nonprofit ready to engage?

If you’re waiting until November to start targeting donors for year-end gifts, you may want to consider beginning earlier. Google recently released a study showing that donation-related searches in 2012 increased by 30 percent from August to September. Now is the time to start communicating with your supporters about their giving plans.

Read the tips below to gather inspiration for your fall appeal:

1. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Viewing

According to Google, 40 percent of donors say they research nonprofits on their smartphones and 25 percent say they donate through their smartphones or tablets. Ensuring your organization’s website can be viewed from a mobile device may be the deciding factor in a donor’s gift designation.

2. Use Video to Share your Story

57 percent of survey respondents made a donation after watching an organization’s video. Utilizing your social media accounts to get your video out gives supporters the opportunity to share it with friends, increasing the likelihood of gifts.

3. Focus on your Goals 

Many appeals focus on the needs of your organization, rather than what you want to achieve. While keeping the lights on is important, many donors give when they associate their donation with a more positive result. 

4. Be Specific

Donors, especially Millennials, want to know exactly where their gift is going and how it will be used within the organization. Take advantage of this preference in your solicitations by linking gift amounts with cause-related outcomes. It might even be enough to bump your donor up to the next giving level!

            $1,000 – Afterschool care scholarship for one child for one year
            $500 – Feed one local family for one month
            $250 – Sponsor an art exhibit 

Need more incentive to start now? Georgia Gives Day is November 13! Utilize these tips for both campaigns, and you'll have something to smile about during the long winter months. 

Corby Herschman is Development Manager at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits.

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