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March 05, 2014
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We help your development team spring forward with our roundup of the top grant opportunities in March and April!

General Mills Foundation
Champions for Healthy Kids
Deadline: March 14
Launched in partnership with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation and the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, this has become a flagship program of the General Mills Foundation, distributing more than $5 million in grants to nonprofit organizations. Through the Champions for Healthy Kids program, the General Mills Foundation will award 50 grants of $20,000 each to nonprofit organizations working to improve nutrition and physical fitness behaviors for youth.

The Department of Community Affairs
Emergency Solutions Grants Program
Deadline: March 16
The Program provides outreach, shelter, rapid re-housing, homelessness prevention and related services to persons experiencing homelessness, or for persons in danger of becoming homeless, throughout the state. Assistance is provided to members of the community, local government entities and non-profit organizations utilizing State Housing Trust Fund for the Homeless Commission (HTF) and Federal HUD ESG funds.

The Department of Community Affairs
Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Program
Deadline: March 16
The HOPWA Program is designed to provide resources and incentives to devise long-term comprehensive strategies for meeting the housing needs of low-income persons with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and persons in their family, and HOPWA funding is provided through sub-grants to eligible nonprofit agencies and/or local governments (project sponsors) within the communities.

Autism Speaks
Family Services Community Grants
Deadline: March 28
Recognizing that there are multiple needs in the expansive and varied autism community, the focus of Autism Speaks Family Services Community Grants is on proposals that serve to build the field of services for individuals with autism and expand the capacity to effectively serve this growing community. Organizations interested in submitting an application must address one of the three areas of need. Successful applicants will apply grant funding to support new programs or the expansion of existing projects.

International Foundation for Ethical Research 
Graduate fellowships
Deadline: March 30
The International Foundation for Ethical Research is offering graduate fellowship grants to support the development and implementation of scientific methods that advance science and replace the use of animals in research, testing or education. Graduate fellowships provide up to $12,500 in stipend support and up to $2,500 for supplies per year. 

eWomenNetwork Foundation
Grants to Local Nonprofits
Deadline: March 31
The eWomenNetwork Foundation is accepting proposals from nonprofit organizations for projects designed to improve the emotional and financial well-being of women and children. The foundation awards individual grants of $6,000 to small, entrepreneurial organizations that address the health, wellness, or safety of needy women and children. 

American Psychological Foundation
Visionary Grant program
Deadline: April 1
APF Visionary Grants are designed to support research, education, and interventions that use psychology to solve social problems in four priority areas: understanding and fostering the connection between behavior and physical health to ensure well-being; reducing stigma and prejudice to promote unity and harmony; understanding and preventing violence to create a safer, more humane world; and supporting programs that address the long-term psychological needs of individuals and communities in the aftermath of disaster.

World of Children Award
2014 World of Children Awards
Deadline: April 1
World of Children® Award provides funding and recognition to support life-changing work for children by discovering and elevating only the most effective changemakers for children worldwide. Do you know someone who meets this standard who is making a positive impact on the lives of children? Until April 1, 2014, you can nominate a hero to receive a 2014 World of Children Award. 

Massage Therapy Foundation
Community Service Grants
Deadline: April 1
Community Service grants are awarded to charitable organizations that provide massage therapy to people who currently have little or no access to such services. This program is designed to promote working partnerships between the massage therapy profession and community-based organizations. The maximum award is $5,000 for a one-year project period. 

The Atlantic Philanthropies
Aging Policy Fellowships
Deadline: April 16
Atlantic Philanthropies is inviting applications for its 2014-15 Health and Aging Policy Fellowships, a year-long program designed to provide healthcare professionals with the experience and skills necessary to make a positive contribution to the development and implementation of health policies that affect older Americans.

Fisher House Foundation
Newman's Own Award (Veteran Funding)
Deadline: April 23
Grants of up to $50,000 will be awarded in recognition of the most innovative ideas to improve the quality of life of veterans and active duty, Reserve, and National Guard service members and their families facing the stress of long deployments and separation and/or the long-term effects associated with service. Award funds cannot be used to pay salaries or wages.

Atlanta Area Compensation Association
Nonprofit Compensation Assistance Program
Deadline: Ongoing
The Atlanta Area Compensation Association (AACA) is an organization composed of compensation professionals working in the Atlanta metro area. As a part of the association's community outreach efforts, the AACA works with a metro nonprofit to develop a formal compensation program or processes that may involve job evaluations, market pricing, and pay structures.

Compiled and edited by Dan Watson, Communications Coordinator at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits. 

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