“Big Picture” HR Practices for Nonprofits

June 28, 2013
| by Editor |

How do you engage your employees to make them the most productive? In the Summer 2013 issue of Georgia Nonprofit NOW, Contributing Editor Marc Schultz investigates how nonprofits can use effective HR practices to grow their mission. Your people are your greatest asset—discover how to “find, prepare, grow, and engage” them in our insightful guide.

How do you engage your employees to make them the most productive? In a 2011 study, “Engaging the Nonprofit Workforce: Mission, Management and Emotion,” GCN’s national HR resource, Opportunity Knocks, found that nearly half of surveyed employees were planning to leave their current jobs—and most within two years. 

Shocking, right? Not really, if you consider many nonprofits' lack of effective HR practices—often a direct effect of being under-resourced. Nonprofits often spend the most energy on developing programs and fundraising, thus they “continue…to be conflicted on the importance of the HR function.” That’s where employee engagement comes in. Employee engagement is a term that describes an individual employee’s attitudes and disposition towards the employer, the mission, and the content of an employee’s work. To achieve effective employee engagement, nonprofits must understand all four functions of HR—planning, preparing, growing, and engaging.

So what does it take to keep employees committed to doing your vital work? Find out how inside Georgia Nonprofit NOW’s Summer 2013 feature article, “How to find, prepare, grow and engage your people.”

Like other components that work simultaneously to create healthy nonprofits, your human resources department should advance your overall goals by supporting day-to-day work.

It’s like Anne M. Mulcahy, former chairperson and CEO of Xerox Corporation, said: “Employees are a company's greatest asset - they're your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company's mission.”


“How to find, prepare, grow and engage your people.”

Casey Bruce is a Communications Coordinator at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits.

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