Time to Get Ready

July 22, 2015
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The 4th Annual Georgia Gives Day is set for November 12, 2015.

Here are 7 easy steps to get your organization ready!

1. Have you circled or highlighted November 12, 2015 on all of your calendars?

2. Register your organization. Is your organization already registered? All you need to do is log in, update your profile as needed, and you’re set for November 12.

3. Fill out this form to be in the know for all things related to Georgia Gives Day 2015.

4. For registered and non-registered nonprofits, read our FAQs.

5. Explore and utilize our marketing and social media toolkit.

6. Check out our on-demand webinars:
Getting Found: Creating a Compelling GA Gives Day Profile
Maximize your GGD Donations by Leveraging End of Year Giving and Challenges
Creative Gives Day Campaigns
Effective GGD Email Campaigns
Getting Eyeballs on Your Cause: Nonprofit Resources for GGD and Beyond.

7. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Stay tuned as we continue to get you as ready as possible for a successful Georgia Gives Day. If you need to contact us, don't hesitate.

Getting Eyeballs on Your Cause: Nonprofit Resources for GA Gives Day and Beyond - See more at: http://www.gcn.org/georgia-gives-day/resources#sthash.ewRR6ikG.dpuf

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