Got Eyeballs? GA Gives Day secures media partnerships to promote causes like yours

From digital billboards and award-winning PSAs to news stories, our new blog and thousands of flyers, we’re canvassing the state to raise awareness of Georgia Gives Day across the state.  But we need your help to bring the point home and make GA Gives a household name by November 13.

Georgia Gives Day is all about creating a huge public awareness campaign about the great work nonprofits do in local communities and converting that awareness into donations.

We are pleased to announce our growing list of media partners who are committed to promoting GA Gives Day throughout October and November and, of course, covering the excitement of the big day! These partners will play our award winning PSAs, place ads and editorial, leverage their social media and much more.

Creative Loafing and WABE have teamed up to create a series of nonprofit stories throughout October and November and to promote GA Gives Day. Cox Enterprises (including WSB, AJC and AutoTrader), 11Alive, the Georgia Cable Association, Mediacom, Cox Middle GA, Comcast and the Georgia Association of Broadcasters (a consortium of more than 100 TV and radio stations throughout the state) will play our commercials and a host of newspapers will publish ads. The Georgia Restaurant Association’s membership of 3,000 restaurants are displaying flyers. Wells Fargo is running ads on all ATM screens throughout Georgia. Chick-fil-A is engaging their store operators. The Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia is providing digital billboards. Community Bucket has helped with our social media strategy and Green Machine, Inc., has designed our new GA Gives blog (launching soon!). Edelman PR is working on news and our overall campaign strategy. And, of course, the GA Gives team is executing our digital communications strategy every day.

What’s the point? Think of all this as a giant wave of attention and consider how your organization can surf the wave. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Contact your local media (TV or radio station, newspaper) and ask them to run the GA Gives Day commercials as much as possible and cover GA Gives Day on November 13th.  Ask them to interview your organization as a participant or run your own public service announcements. 

  2. Contact your local community calendars (generally in your paper, local government website, local events pages) and create a calendar item to remind your supporters to give to you.

  3. Create a Gives Day promotions team and have them activate their social networks, local media and others to promote your cause

  4. Write an editorial about what nonprofits mean to your community and ask your local paper to publish it; don’t forget to mention November 13th is GA Gives Day!

  5. Create a local event that is media worthy on the day – a flashmob, a telethon, arts in the park, a Gives Day festival – anything newsworthy.

  6. Engage your local elected officials to hold a press conference proclaiming November 13th as local Gives Day.

  7. The most important piece of advice? Start now! The more awareness you build of the day and your cause in the month leading up to November 13th, the more successful you will be.

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