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“Friend-raising” is a proven way to reach new donors by having your nonprofit’s most vocal champions appeal directly to their friends and family for donations on your behalf.  Gwinnett United in Drug Education (GUIDE) raised more than $10,000 on GA Gives Day 2012. And in the months since, they’ve used the personal fundraiser feature of the Georgia Gives Day website to activate 16 volunteers to bring in more than $4,000 in additional donations.

Gwinnett United in Drug Education (GUIDE) raised more than $10,000 on Georgia Gives Day 2012 and followed that success with more than $4,000 more after the fact, thanks to activating 16 volunteers to fundraise on their behalf.  (Read more in our article.)  

Below, we've provided a few easy steps for you to ensure your profile is set up for personal fundraisers, and then steps for how your own volunteers, donors, and champions can set up their own fundraising goals to share with their social networks.


1) Log-in to your nonprofit's GA Gives Day profile.

2) Once logged in, click the "Setting" button (pictured below.)

3) Click the "Fundraiser Setting" tab (pictured below.)

4) Ensure both boxes are checked to accept fundraisers and to automatically approve. (If you wish to review each fundraiser before their page goes live, you may leave the bottom box unchecked, but remember to check it often!)



When you are ready for your supporters to become personal fundraisers, have them follow these steps.

1) Click the "Become a Fundraiser" button on the right side of your profile page (seen below.)

2) Sign-up either by entering your name and email address or linking the account with your Facebook account.  (If you use your name and email, you'll need to check your email for and enter a verification code before creating your page.  Facebook will link up automatically.)

3) Click setting and follow the prompts to set up your goals, summary, enter pictures, and link to your social networks.


So, there you have it!  Now is the time to activate your supporters, donors, board members and volunteers and have them challenge their own social networks to help them raise money for your organization!  

If you have questions about setting this up or leveraging it to the max, ask them in any of our upcoming Georgia Gives Day webinars!


Tom Zimmerman is Communications Manager at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits.

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