GA Gives Help Desk | Adding a video to your profile

August 15, 2013
| by Editor |

Having a video of your nonprofit on your GA Gives Day profile can set you apart and make a real impact on your potential donors.

This tutorial is designed for GA Gives Day users to learn how to embed their video on their profile page.

If you have a video hosted on YouTube or another video hosting website, you may embed it into your profile description area by following the steps below.


1) Locate the special embed code from the website your video is hosted on.  The image below shows where this is located on YouTube.

2) Copy the embed code by using CTRL+C or right-click and copy.

3) Go to your organization's profile page.  Click Source.  This opens the HTML code on your profile page. If you're not familiar with HTML, this can be intimidating, but hang in there.

4) Look for the place in the source page where you'd like to include your video.  When you find where you'd like to place the video, paste the video code there. 

5) Click Save, and you're done!

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