GA Gives Help Desk | Adding a picture to your profile

A picture is worth a thousand words.  A great image on your Georgia Gives Day profile can be worth a lot more.

This tutorial is designed for GA Gives Day users to learn how to put an image on their profile page.


1) Enter your profile editor.

2) Click the image icon as indicated in the screenshot below.

3) On the Image Properties screen (below screenshot), follow these steps:

     a: Choose Upload tab.

     b: Click Choose File to select an image file from your computer.  Click Open if prompted.

     c: Click Send it to Server button, which will take you back to the Image Properties screen.

     d: Click OK to upload.

4) Now back in your profile editor, click the Save button.

5) To view your new image, you will need to click Close Settings.

That's it! Let's see some of your best images!

To brainstorm about your best image, check out Network For Good's Pinterest board for some motivation!

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