Five Ways to Build Excitement with our GA Gives Day Prize Funds

Over the last month, we’ve told you about our competitions and prizes, all new for 2013! But how can your organization use these to build buzz, excitement and dollars on GA Gives Day?

New this year to Georgia Gives Day, we've added tens of thousands of dollars in games, competitions and prizes aimed to build excitement and incentivize donors to give in bigger numbers and amounts. (Read about all prizes and rules here.)

During the day, we’ll be announcing these over the website and social media live as they happen. We want you to get the most out of these as well, so we compiled 5 tips for ways you can use them to engage your supporters, reach new donors, and compete for extra money!

Pick a specific Power Hour and go all-in to win!

During our Power hours, we’ll give an extra $1,000 to the nonprofit with the most individual donors during that hour.  You could decide to specifically compete for one of those by asking your networks to all give during one of those pre-announced hours! Let your donors know what’s at stake, and ask them to pass the message along!

Let your supporters know about the magic of Golden Tickets.

During each Golden Ticket hour, we’ll select donors from that hour at random and add $500–$1,000 to their donation!  Let your audience know that, for example, by donating $25 during a Golden Ticket hour, their donation could end up being $1,025! Each donation to your nonprofit during those hours is another entry into the chance to win big!

Keep up with our leaderboards and push your followers to help you rise up

We’ll be updating our Most Donors and Most Dollars leaderboards throughout the day. When the clock strikes midnight to end GA Gives Day 2013, the top finishers in each category will win their portion of our total $12,000 purse! If your nonprofit is in the running, continue to push out messages over email, social media, and phone calls to help you rise to the top!

If you’re in Bibb, Baldwin or Muscogee Counties, learn about your additional prizes.

In addition to the statewide prizes we’ve mentioned above, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation has donated money specifically to be used as incentive prizes for nonprofits in Bibb, Baldwin and Muscogee Counties. If you are based in those counties, become familiar with your extra incentive funds and use them to build more buzz!

Arm your supporters with an ask they can pass onto their social networks!

Social media played such an important part in GA Gives Day 2012, and we believe it will create an even higher wave of awareness and excitement this year. Plan your messaging around prizes for GA Gives Day early with clear requests from your followers. Of course you want them to donate, but tell them they can also donate their influence by speaking up on behalf of your organization. Give them 3 ways that can support your nonprofit by activating their own networks to give!

Tom Zimmerman is Communications Manager at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits.

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