5 reasons why #GivingTuesday is a must-do for your nonprofit

October 23, 2017
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Since its launch in 2012, the #GivingTuesday campaign has:

1. Generated as much as $180+ million in donations over one 24-hour period, and likely even more: Given its decentralized structure, there is no method for tracking all philanthropic transactions on #GivingTuesday (such as offline donations of goods and time).

2. Grown more than 40% year over year.

3. Provided a net increase in yearly charitable giving: Analyzing 10 years of data, the #GivingTuesday research team found true increases in giving levels, as opposed to shifts in the timing of donations that would have occurred regardless.

4. Increased the annual dollar amount donated by people who give regularly, from an average of $160 to $284; it also increased the frequency of their gifts, indicating a change in behavior that goes beyond the event itself.

5. Motivated long-term loyal donors (those who gave consistently before 2012) to give, and give more on average, on #GivingTuesday than at other times of the year -- topping even Dec. 31, traditionally the biggest donation day of the year.


Learn more about Geogia's own #GivingTuesday campaign at GAgives.org.

Adapted from the #GivingTuesday Insight Report 2017.

Marc Schultz, Communications Editor, GCN

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