How we did it: A GAgives success story from Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta

Zach Fernebok, Marketing Manager, explains how the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta helped people rediscover their love for the brand ahead of last year’s GAgives Day.

Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta loves GAgives on #GivingTuesday, and have participated every year with our own special Girl Scout “flair.” (What else would you expect from a team so invested in patches?) We also love our Girl Scout Cookies, and we know that our donors, new and ever-faithful, do too. That’s why we combined one of our most successful fundraising events, Cookies and Corks, with last year’s GAgives Day.

Cookies and Corks are small-scale parties that pair our fun, delicious Girl Scout Cookies with select wines that enhance each cookie’s individual flavor. We have found that Cookies and Corks is a great way to reintroduce our brand to adults, and appeals to an audience outside of our amazing troop leaders and volunteers, who already make up a large part of the giving toward our annual fund.

It turned out that pairing Cookies and Corks with GAgives is as brilliant as pairing Thin Mints with Pinot Noir. Why? Not only are we able to generate extra buzz by tying the event to a regionally-known day of philanthropy, but the “giving season” setting netted us more attendees and donations than past parties. Though typically hosted in the summer, Cookies and Corks truly blossoms in the fall.

Our advice: Discover what donors love about your brand, and figure out how to combine it with GAgives on #GivingTuesday in a new, exciting way. Take a risk, and you could achieve something of true value – just like the Girl Scouts themselves do every day!

To learn more about GAgives on #GivingTuesday, to be held November 28, 2017, visit



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