Nonprofit Summit 2013: Igniting a Virtual Conversation

June 19, 2013
| by Editor |

With nearly 1,000 Tweets from GCN staff, presenters, participants, and even those following along from home or the office, social media was a major way to become connected (and seen) at Nonprofit Summit 2013.

More and more, social media is becoming an integral part of the conference experience worldwide.  For participants, it provides a way to connect and interact with their peers and presenters in real-time.  For businesses, it's yet another way to target their products and services toward just the right audience.  And for the staff of the presenting organization, it's a way to provide a real-time shared experience for attendees with in-depth conversations, resource sharing, and even involving people who may not be at the physical location.

During Nonprofit Summit 2013, GCN communications staff spread out to report from nearly every session, event, and to spark conversations and engagement from attendees, gathering around the virtual watercooler "#NPsummit".  After Summit, we went back through all the Tweets and compiled some of the best to help us the story of Summit 2013 and orgnaized them using Storify (a great tool for organizing many disjointed social media posts with your own commentary to tell a cohesive story.)

Below, read our play-by-play of this year's Summit through the lens of Twitter.  (And follow us @GAnonprofits!)


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