Google for Nonprofits: Tools to Help you Change the World

July 22, 2015
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It's no secret that Google is focused on improving how people connect with information. Fortunately, the company’s focus also includes providing Georgia's nonprofits with access to its powerful suite of online tools to support our work to improve the communities in which we serve. The program is called Google for Nonprofits and your participation could save you valuable time and money.

On June 18, GCN proudly partnered with Google for an information session at its Midtown Atlanta office to get the word out about the Google for Nonprofits program and how it can help nonprofits improve efficiency and maximize impact. Part one of the afternoon session was dedicated to providing an overview of Google’s products and community initiatives. Part two of the event involved breakout sessions for attendees to gain deeper understanding of specific tools and resources.

The well-attended information session focused on the following four main areas:

  • Google's current community impact initiatives and funding priorities, which largely consist of projects geared toward access to computers, computer literacy, and STEM education
  • The advertising power of Google AdWords and how nonprofits can secure up to $10,000 per month in free advertising via the company’s AdWords Grants
  • How to use Google Analytics to make intelligent marketing and business decisions
  • How to strategically use YouTube to drive greater awareness and increase donations

"Google is all about connecting communities. That's why we're excited to bring Google Fiber to Atlanta, and to support Georgia's nonprofits with access to highly discounted and free products through our Google for Nonprofits program." said Fabiola Charles Stokes with Google Community Impact.

Take an empowering next step and find out how Google can help your nonprofit work more efficiently, find new donors and volunteers, and spur your supporters to take action. Learn more at

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