Wanted: Your ideas for a special issue of Georgia Nonprofit NOW!

We're excited to announce a special summer issue of Georgia Nonprofit NOW in the works—our very first IDEAS issue. And we need your help to discover the best and brightest ideas keeping Georgia nonprofits and philanthropies energized, on the cutting edge, and maximizing mission impact. 

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We’re looking for ideas of all kinds from GCN members—if your organization has one (or more) to share that you’ve put into practice and getting results, we want to hear about it!

Send us an email by July 3 describing your idea in 150 words or less, and we’ll get in touch with you regarding the next steps.

We want to hear about innovation in every facet of nonprofit practice: from capacity-building programs to fundraising to marketing, from board motivation to volunteer management to HR practices, from partnerships to social enterprise to advocacy, and beyond.

Tell us about how you’ve…

…started a movement.
…pursued a public-private partnership.
…transformed volunteers into champions and donors.
…led a policy initiative.
…built employee commitment.
…developed a compelling brand.
…gotten the media excited about your story.
…launched a social enterprise.
…cultivated the next generation of stakeholders.
…scaled your impact.
…expanded your reach.

And if you’re having trouble narrowing it down, or need a few examples to inspire your submission, check the profiles of our Field Trips 2014 presenters, the contributions to our Nonprofit Voice blog series, or our monthly Member Stories.

We’re also looking to find out your favorite sources for new ideas, inspiration, and practical know-how. Tell us your favorite books, blogs, magazines, movies, TV shows, YouTube channels—any media source that fires your innovation engine—for a recommendation roundup. You can include these in your email, or just submit them using our easy five minute form.

We’re excited to hear from you, and looking forward to sharing an issue-full of the big IDEAS fueling Georgia nonprofit impact later this summer!


Betsy Reid is Communications Director at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits and the editor of Georgia Nonprofit NOW.

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