Helping Hands for the Frazer Center

July 22, 2013
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Volunteers from GCN staff and Building Community Network nonprofits combined forces with Team Depot for an ambitious service project at the Frazer Center.

More than 40 volunteers came together last week to lend their helping hands to the Frazer Center.  Comprised of volunteers from GCN, Building Community Network and Team Depot, this group worked to beautify the interior garden area with a new deck, small greenhouse, landscaping and seating.  Through several hours of intense gardening, replacing plants, and digging, this project will create a welcoming environment for Frazer Center patrons to actively involve their senses through new planters developed by Team Depot.

This collaboration of GCN and The Home Depot is the most recent aiming to strengthen Atlanta's nonprofits.  Though this was a very direct service project, GCN and The Home Depot Foundation have partnered over the past few years to recognize Atlanta's most high-impact nonprofits and increase peer-to-peer sharing and learning of these best practices.  In fact, we just honored this year's Nonprofit IMPACT Award winners and have the case studies of all winners and runners-up available for download on our website.

We've been honored to have the Frazer Center as a GCN member for nearly 10 years.  As stated in their mission:

"We are an inclusive community where people of all levels of ability and disability gather, learn and flourish together. At the center of our philosophy is a commitment to inclusion. Our greatest commitment is to fostering the kinds of learning and social opportunities with adults and children that build sustaining friendships, that deepen an appreciation for diversity, and that recognize the gifts and talents of every individual in ways that celebrate those characteristics as essential to the vitality of the larger community."

For more pictures, visit the Frazer Center's Facebook album of the day's events!

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