Call for IDEAS: Be a part of NOW's 2017 innovation roundup!

May 17, 2017
| by Editor |

It’s time again for NOW’s annual innovation roundup. Help us discover the latest, most exciting work from Georgia nonprofits and philanthropies. Tell us about a new partnership, social enterprise, outreach effort, capacity-building initiative, or breakthrough fundraising campaign.  

The fourth annual IDEAS issue from Georgia Nonprofit NOW is in the works—and we need your help in discovering the latest, most exciting, and most inspiring work from Georgia nonprofits and philanthropies.

Over the past three summers, we’ve showcased more than a hundred examples of the ingenuity that’s deepening, broadening, and advancing the impact of GCN’s members and partners. Once again, we want to hear your stories of innovation, in all its forms: your latest capacity-building initiative, breakthrough funding campaign, project, partnership, social enterprise, advocacy campaign, board engagement strategy—anything new, and making a difference, in your organization.

For a chance to join our roundup of the most cutting-edge developments in the Georgia sector, write to us at [email protected] by June 9 describing your IDEA in 200 words or less. We’ll select the short list by June 15, and get in touch with you about next steps.

Need some examples to inspire your submission? Check the IDEAS features from 20162015, and 2014.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and finding out about all the big IDEAS fueling your impact.

Marc Schultz is managing editor of NOW.

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