Sir José Bright: A Podcast On Poverty with Gareth J Young

Friday, August 5, 2016
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VP of GCN's Nonprofit Consulting Group, José Bright talked to Gareth J. Young about the passions that drive him, and he offered us many wonderful...

José believes that we should see poverty as more than a lack of subsistence: it includes a feeling of being disconnected. While in Africa, he learned that it really does take a village to raise a child, and that points to a collective way of living that is beyond much of what we frequently conceive. He also believes it is important to cultivate a holistic and collected approach when thinking about poverty. 

Listen to the full podcast here:

Partnerships Work

Wednesday, March 4, 2015
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Karen Beavor shares how the power of multiple simultaneous partnerships takes GCN's work with nonprofits even further.

Partnership is central to nonprofit endeavor. At the core of our work is a partnership with a community of citizens—otherwise known as volunteers, donors, board members, communities of faith, neighborhood associations, and our own beneficiaries. 

Michelle Nunn on the Power of Partnerships and the Struggle of Scale

Michelle Nunn has spent two and a half decades leading and growing volunteer service organizations, merging her Hands On Network with the Points of...

Last year, Nunn took a leave of absence from her position as CEO of Points of Light in order to declare her candidacy for the Senate seat formerly held by her father, Sam Nunn, for 24 years. She'll face the winner of the July 24 runoff election between Republicans David Perdue and Jack Kingston (R-GA, 1st District). 

Nunn recently spoke with GCN President and CEO Karen Beavor from the campaign trail in South Georgia. The full interview is available for GCN members in the latest issue of Georgia Nonprofit NOW. Here, we provide an excerpt as Nunn discusses the successes gained and struggles faced since merging Hands On Network with Points of Light in 2007.

Mayor Kasim Reed on the Long History and Renewed Vitality of Atlanta's Commitment to Service

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
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Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed spent a busy first term grappling with ongoing challenges inherited from earlier administrators: filling out an understaffed police force, reforming the...

Inside, read excerpts from Mayor Reed's interview with GCN President and CEO Karen Beavor, as he discusses the storied past and promising future of Atlanta's nonprofit and service community.

Engage, Advocate, Advance: A Challenge

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
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In an opinion piece published in a 2013 issue of Georgia Nonprofit NOW, GCN President and CEO Karen Beavor issues three challenges to "responsible, leading...

I am a bonafide news junkie. CNN and coffee in the morning, NPR during the commute, and local news at night. Listening to the economic reports or Marketplace these days is encouraging as the stock market continues to hang in there, housing prices inch up, and even job reports, though mixed, are far from the dismal free fall experienced during the depth of the recession. But, as the 2013 Georgia legislative session came to an end, and I reviewed the state’s budget, [I was] less optimistic.