To Serve, To Work, To Join, To Learn

Thursday, March 6, 2014
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What motivates people to serve on nonprofit boards? In our Winter 2014 Georgia Nonprofit NOW feature article "Who's on Board," we highlight our...

The first thing you have to do is stop thinking of them simply as "The Board."

Start by understanding your board members one at a time–as individuals–each with his or her individual motivations, talents, interests and values. Yes, they've agreed to help lead your organization to greatness–but it's up to you to discover what each board member's abilities are, and what drives him or her to put those abilities to use.

New data offers insight on nonprofit communications trends

Thursday, February 6, 2014
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How does your nonprofit marketing and communications department stack up to the rest of field? Do you struggle with the same problems? Are you utilizing...

How does your nonprofit communicate? Inside, discover some of the highlights from's comprehensive Nonprofit Communications Trends Report and discover the communication challenges and trends facing organizations in 2014.

Findings Friday | Creating a Vortex

Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication (CSIC) presents a new analogy for thinking about donor stewardship: the vortex.

Today, more supporters than ever are learning about causes online, through social media or elsewhere. How does this relate to a vortex? Well, it’s one very effective way to imagine these inputs—organizational communication and peer influence—interacting to grow an ever-widening engagement potential. 

Findings Friday | New infographic highlights key data in recent foundation funding trends

Friday, October 11, 2013
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In a beautifully designed infographic, the Foundation Center offers an accessible 2013 overview of foundation facts and figures.

The Foundation Center’s bluntly titled "Key Foundation Facts on U.S. Foundations" conveys original research findings from more than half of all active foundations. At the highest level―as of 2011―these foundations represent $662 billion dollars in assets and $49 billion in giving. Below are a few major takeaways.

Findings Friday | Foundation-Grantee Misalignment

Friday, October 4, 2013
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Many nonprofit leaders aren’t sure foundations are doing enough. In a new report, the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) explains why there is such a...

The new report, Nonprofit Challenges: What Foundations Can Do, dives into the nonprofit sector’s great schism and points to opportunities for foundations and their grantees to form more constructive and transparent relationships as they strive for the same goals.