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Nonprofit Career Advancement Takes Initiative and Determination

Many people who are working within the ranks of nonprofit organizations could become great senior nonprofit leaders. However, in part because of budget constraints, few organizations in the sector have formal professional development programs to...

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Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

Strategic planning is essentially an organization alignment process. That is, it attempts to provide a nonprofit with an integrating mechanism that focuses on a desired future, confirms the organization’s mission, establishes long term...

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Getting Started with Strategic Planning

A strategic plan is the organization and clarification of what the leadership of a group actually intends to do over a designated period of time in order to secure and distinguish the group's position in the marketplace and to stimulate...

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Budgeting for a Strategic Plan

Strategic planning usually reaches beyond traditional long-range planning. In addition to developing a roadmap for the future, the goal of strategic planning is to engage the planners, the decision makers, the stakeholders, and others important...

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