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Leading through Transition

Freshly-minted CEOs at three member nonprofits talk with GCN’s Cindy Cheatham about the challenges of leadership in transition, and the lessons they’ve learned from their latest big promotion.

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Four Stories of High Performance

What makes a high-performing nonprofit tick? GCN and the Home Depot Foundation started the Nonprofit Impact Awards to help answer that question, by recognizing and sharing industry best practices. Inside, we brief you on four of the latest...

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Serving Our Vets

New research from GCN and The Home Depot Foundation looks at the challenges facing Georgia’s veteran population, and where nonprofits can step in to better help them with the difficult transition back to civilian life.

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12 Ways to Connect with Volunteers

Making a real connection with volunteers is the best way to get them coming back. Rick Lynch, author of Keeping Volunteers, provides a dozen easy ways to do it.

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Open Letter to a Small Nonprofit

What can you do to help your smaller organization thrive? This grounded-but-inspirational missive from GCN Consulting's Jack Beckford will help put the big picture into perspective.

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More Than a Shelter, Advocates for Children Reaches Thousands

For nearly 30 years, GCN member Advocates for Children has been working to prevent child abuse in Northwest Georgia and provide its victims with stability, treatment and dedicated protectors. Through programs that include counseling for children...

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