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What Happened at the Gold Dome

The Georgia General Assembly convened its 2013 session on January 14 and concluded its work on March 28 at midnight. High-profile topics included the state’s budget, renewal of the hospital provider fee to finance Medicaid, ethics reforms,...

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Leadership Pas de Deux at Atlanta Ballet

In classical ballet, pas de deux refers to a dance between two performers. It also describes how Atlanta Ballet’s Executive Director Arturo Jacobus and Board Chair Allen W. Nelson (a 2013 Revolution Award winner) lead the company...

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Building Momentum for Georgia’s Nonprofits

Momentum isn’t a program, it is a process—a process for strategic change. It is a method to help nonprofits become high performance organizations by changing the ways they construct strategy, make decisions about that...

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Hiring Right Every Time (Without Losing Your Mind)

Writer and speaker Dan Erling likes to cite the above quote when asked why getting the hire right is both so important and so easy to get wrong; more concrete evidence can be found in the 2006 and 2011 Daring to Lead reports...

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On-Boarding Your New CEO

In September 2011, Meridith Rentz joined Atlanta-based MedShare as President & CEO, and started a comprehensive on-boarding process headed by Board Vice Chair, Charlie Evans. As a follow up to their panel discussion at GCN’s April 2013...

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How to Find, Prepare, Grow, and Engage Your People

It was Peter Drucker who wrote, “People decisions are the ultimate—perhaps the only—control of an organization. People determine the performance capacity of an organization. No organization can do better than the people it...

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