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Getting on the road to resilience

What does it mean to develop resilience, especially given everything we can’t predict about the post-COVID era? Here's a look at how Resiliency Planning happens, and the new GCN program that will equip you with a roadmap...

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Updating your web presence for COVID-19

Increased internet access and usage, combined with the human desire to help, can mean big benefits for nonprofits with a stellar digital presence. Find out how to adapt your website to the times.

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5 reasons accounting is better online

Accounting should be top-of-mind as your nonprofit goes remote – but the benefits go beyond social-distancing suitability to encompass greater efficiency, increased security, and more.

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4 ways to keep fundraising through a crisis

Easy, upbeat, and service-oriented methods for inspiring stakeholders and prospects to give in a time of economic and personal uncertainty, from NU instructor and philanthropy director Brenda Johnson.

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Resiliency now! Planning for the Next Normal

Senior Consultant Kathy Keeley on the questions, options, and actions you must consider to ensure your nonprofit is able to absorb the shock of our present emergency, and come out on the other side even more...

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