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4 ways to keep fundraising through a crisis

Easy, upbeat, and service-oriented methods for inspiring stakeholders and prospects to give in a time of economic and personal uncertainty, from NU instructor and philanthropy director Brenda Johnson.

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Resiliency now! Planning for the Next Normal

Senior Consultant Kathy Keeley on the questions, options, and actions you must consider to ensure your nonprofit is able to absorb the shock of our present emergency, and come out on the other side even more...

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How a major ask happens

A six-step guide to “the ask” from some of Georgia’s experts in major gift cultivation, with tips for any request you might make of your most important supporters.

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Nonprofit guide to COVID-19 planning

How to plan a complete response to the current public health event, and ready for the next unexpected emergency, by focusing on three key dimensions: employees, stakeholders, and business disruption.

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