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Facebook Advertising Can Drive Huge Results

Increasingly, social media marketing is considered essential for attracting, engaging and retaining potential donors, volunteers and ambassadors.  With more than one billion users, Facebook remains the most used social media site in the world, and their advertising service presents a paid platform to reach people aligned with your mission.  Digital marketer Ashley Schoenith offers tips to ensure your Facebook ad meets a maximum return on investment.

Facebook advertising is a great way for an organization to build its fan base and increase page Likes. By allowing you to increase impressions and precisely target the audience you want to see your message, advertising on this medium is cost effective and efficient. 

Here are a few best practices that Guest Relations Marketing has found helpful in making these campaigns successful.

Be Goal-Oriented

Set a single, very specific goal for each ad you run. The more focused you are on your goal, the easier it is to accomplish. Facebook ads produce better results when what you’re trying to accomplish lives on the same platform, such as driving Facebook Event RSVPs or new Likes on your Fan Page, as opposed to driving a contest on your brand website.

Dive into Your Target

Go deeper than the standard demographic targeting you’d normally use. One of the best things about Facebook advertising is the specificity with which you can target by lifestyle, behavior, interest and so much more. And remember, you can use the visual component of your ad to mimic the segment you’re targeting.

Be Organic

If your campaign goal is to add new Fans, always run a “Sponsored Stories” ad type as part of your campaign to help drive Likes. To the average consumer, Sponsored Stories feel less like an ad and more like a functional feature of Facebook, meaning they’re more likely to take notice and take action. Target only those people who are not already connected to your Fan Page.

Tap into the Power of Referral

Add a deeper level of referral to your Sponsored Story by also targeting “friends of Fans” who already Like your Fan Page. The old saying is true: birds of a feather flock together. Friends are more likely to trust and join in because they see others in their peer group taking action. You’ll likely find this strategy to be one of your top producers, campaign after campaign.

Ashley Schoenith is the Director of Special Projects at Guest Relations Marketing. Follow them on Twitter at @findingzealots.

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