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Start the year strong: Nonprofit University in January

With the year’s end coming up, you’re likely revisiting your annual professional development goals. You can get a headstart on your 2020 plans, and put the remainder of your annual training budget to use, by signing up now for January courses at Nonprofit University.

“NU in January has something for everyone,” said Nonprofit University's Mathew George, pointing to six certificate series starting up in the new year and one well-timed standalone class on writing the annual report. “New to a manager role? The Certificate of Supervision and Management series starts on Jan. 14. Looking for a survey of sector and organization operations? The Certificate of Nonprofit Organization Management begins on the 9th. Need the basics on communications, branding, and PR? Certificate of Nonprofit Marketing Essentials, starting on the 24th.”

Also available now, exclusively for members: the Nonprofit University + ThinkHR Subscription, a massive value opportunity for your team, giving you two seats in every one of our core curriculum classes, and more, for one low annual fee.

In other January offerings:

► Writing the Annual Report on Jan. 8
This is the one-morning workshop for anyone wondering if their annual report is actually being read – and if so, whether the news of your hard work over the past year is actually engaging your most important supporters. To publish an impact report that makes an impact, join the communications director from Atlanta comedy treasure Dad’s Garage Theatre Company, Matt Terrell.

A veteran NU instructor, having also covered public speaking and year-end appeals (check his tips here), Terrell says that data and program summaries aren’t enough: “In my class, we discuss how to take that information and turn it into a compelling narrative about your nonprofit.” Plus, it’s just in time for your first meeting of the year with folks who will be a part of the publishing process.

► Certificate of Nonprofit Human Resource Management, starting Jan. 10
There’s a lot to tackle when fielding the HR role at a nonprofit, and this four-part series covers it in full. Designed for nonprofits of all sizes, this course will give you a strategic perspective on managing talent while also equipping you for the detail work: creating employee policies, complying with legal requirements, and more.

For a sample of the insight you’ll take away from this course, check her article on staffing strategy, outlining a three-step process that ties hiring to goals.

 Certificate of Workplace Communication and Leadership, starting Jan. 15
In four classes, Coach Tracey Knight – trainer, speaker, and certified life, career, and personal empowerment coach – will illuminate the duties of a leader in the workplace, where success is often dependent on communication. You’ll learn about conflict and how to work through it, verbal and non-verbal communication, generation gaps, and establishing the positive intent necessary for meeting your aims.

Knight’s expertise has also been deloyed in the change management series, courses in emotional intelligence and managing pressure, and GCN’s High Potential Diverse Leaders leadership development program. For a sneak preview of her insight, check this in-depth look at the issue of workplace bullying.

► Certificate of Grant Fundraising, starting Jan. 16
If your New Year’s resolution is to lock down foundation support early, or to develop your organization’s first grantseeking program, this is the course you’re looking for. Over four sessions, you’ll learn more than the art and science of compelling grant proposals: You’ll develop a system for managing your grantseeking efforts, your grantee responsibilities, and the grant award itself.

For a sample of the insight you’ll take away from this course, check her article on staffing strategy, outlining a three-step process that ties hiring to goals.

Marc Schultz is communications editor at GCN.

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