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Insight roundup: GAgives planning season is here!


Yes, it’s still summertime, but the year-end giving season is coming up fast – which is why there’s no better time to start your planning for GAgives on #GivingTuesday.

And there’s no better partner to start your planning than with GCN, the state’s organizational lead for the global #GivingTuesday movement, and founders of the GAgives, our state’s own giving day event, for six years running. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up through GAgives.org for our exclusive, of-the-moment communications, and you’ll get expertise from the state, national, and international partners delivered straight to your inbox, as well as updates on upcoming learning events, including both online and in-person opportunities.

In addition to the free advice, tools, resources, and fundraising platform we’ve put together at GAgives.org, we’ve also published a number of campaign-prep reports through our monthly GCN publications, including these five – each worth reviewing as you get your campaign underway.

Be sure to look out for everything we have coming up – including announcements about prizes, events, and an insight-filled recap of our 2018 kickoff event, held last Friday in downtown Atlanta for an enthusiastic crowd of GAgives vets and novices.

Getting ahead of GAgives on #GivingTuesday: Planning advice from top campaigners

We asked: What are the most important first steps for getting your #GivingTuesday campaign planning off to a strong start? Lee Ann Else, of HealthMPowers, said, “We discuss what worked best last year, and review the GCN-provided tools and campaign support. Most important of all, we brainstorm how to ‘make it FUN’ for board and staff!”

A six-month planner for #GivingTuesday campaigns

Straight from the #GivingTuesday team, these month-by-month steps will ease your campaign planning and help prepare you for the big day. Among the first steps they suggest: “Set a goal. Would you like to recruit more volunteers? Get more social media followers? Raise more money for a campaign? Whatever your initiative, set a goal and give your staff and community something to aim for.”

Summertime is the right time: Jumpstart your GAgives on #GivingTuesday campaign planning with these four tips.

For orgs with GAgives.org profiles and accounts, this post from platform host Click & Pledge is packed with useful updates and opportunities, including a kickoff webinar (now available) discussing brand new in-platform features like a video-creation tool called pledgeTV, and Facebook ads paid for by Click & Pledge!

Power Shift: The #GivingTuesday founder on the "new power" principles transforming philanthropy

This interview with 92nd Street Y ED Henry Timms, co-founder of #GivingTuesday, details the principles and potential of “new power,” which is what he calls “the ability to capture the energy of the connected crowd.” Among the insight he reveals: how nonprofits can produce the kind of “actionable, connected, and extensible” messages that catch on and take off in the social media world.

Campaign kickoff tips from GAgives vets

Highlights from the panel discussion at our 2017 GAgives kickoff event, which brought together fundraising experts and Georgia’s top campaigners to discuss social media channels, campaign rollout tactics, and more. On securing matching funds, Enduring Hearts’s Ankur Chaterjee says, “We solicit board members to reach out to their business contacts and our stalwart donors to ask for matching gifts... [which we] use as marketing tools to get others excited – I’ve actually used the exact words, ‘Don’t let us leave money on the table!’”

We’ll be sending you more – from GCN, #GivingTuesday, Click & Pledge, and other expert sources –  as the big day gets closer, so again: Be sure to sign up for GAgives communications and follow the GCN blog for the latest insights.

Marc Schultz is communications editor at GCN.



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