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You’ve got plenty to take care of in your nonprofit: strategy, operations, outreach, staff needs, volunteer coordination, board issues, and the never-ending task of fundraising, to name just a few. Lucky for you, GCN has consolidated our rapidly growing resource library online, bringing you on-demand access to our expertise on all those topics, and more.

Anytime you need to sharpen your skills, expand your knowledge, or find your next in-person learning opportunity—from Nonprofit University classes to our latest member presentation—head to one of these pages to find targeted tools, articles, and events:

Business & Strategic Planning

Your strategic plan is, and always will be, a work in progress. Tackle that work with better ways to understand your beneficiaries, new approaches to revenue-generating, big-picture sector research, and more. Learn more

Finance & Accounting

Everything from navigating a budget shortfall to starting a profit-making social enterprise, as well as a suite of NU classes covering the fundamentals of accounting, reporting, auditing, and more. Learn more

Fundraising & Development

The latest giving trends, and the tried-and-true campaigns that have fueled successful nonprofits for decades—plus social enterprise, impact investing, and more to keep you on top of your fundraising game. Learn more

Governance & Boards

From our four-part Better Board primer to our Guide to Good Governance to articles on powerful board fundraising and more, we've got you covered when it comes to focusing, marshaling, and leveraging your board. Learn more

Human Resources

The only way to get—and keep—the best people is through solid HR practices. That means defining roles and career paths as well as compliance and payroll. Find a wealth of HR knowledge, like NOW's expert guide to HR: “How to Find, Prepare, Grow, and Engage Your People.” Learn more


Valuable in any role, leadership skills always benefit from expert insight or best practices research—easy to find in GCN’s online resources and innovative leadership programs for developing leaders at all levels. Learn more

Program Management

People, projects, programs: they all need efficient, effective managers. Build your management fundamentals, dive into particulars like engagement strategy, and find out about our Certificate of Supervision and Management program. Learn more

Marketing & Communications

When it comes to attracting people to your cause, nothing matters more than your ability to tell your story. Check out our in-depth reporting on the practice and power of storytelling, find out about upcoming marketing classes at Nonprofit University, and more. Learn more

Public Policy & Advocacy

You can magnify the power of your mission through public policy. Find updates on state legislation and coalition-building opportunities here, and the latest calls-to-action. Learn more

Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships are powerful, but they aren’t fool-proof. With help from GCN consultants, partners, and members, we’ve gathered expert advice for collaboration of all kinds, from joint programs and shared services to mergers and collective impact initiatives. Learn more

Volunteer Management

To attract, retain, and make the most of your most versatile resource, check out volunteer management resources like the multi-part NOW feature article, “Building Your Corps,” or learn about our Certificate of Nonprofit Volunteer Management program. Learn more

Starting a Nonprofit

A round-up of some excellent resources that can help you get answers to frequently asked questions, evaluate readiness, and develop a plan to move forward. Learn more