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GCN conducts original research to inform and improve our understanding of Georgia's nonprofit community. Reporting on sector trends, leadership development and management strategies, our initiatives lead in the advancement of statewide nonprofit research through a number of initiatives. Projects are carried out through survey design and administration, data gathering, and analysis. In addition to producing unique reports, we also monitor national nonprofit sector research.


The nonprofit workforce speaks:
Candid insight to attract, engage, and retain top mission-driven talent

The demand for fulfilling, purpose-driven careers is growing – and yet, mission-driven employers must contend for top talent in a highly competitive hiring environment. This report from GCN's Work for Good, based on a survey of nonprofit professionals, delivers first-hand testimony and sound methods for attracting, engaging, and retaining your greatest assets: talented employees eager to make a difference. 

2014 Strategic Benchmarking Report

Developed in collaboration with The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, GCN’s 2014 Strategic Benchmarking Report: A Study of Nonprofit Performance in the 23-County Metro Atlanta Area follows up our initial 2011 study identifying current practices in strategic planning, and examining the impact of planning on growth rates. Our bottom line discovery: a strong correlation between robust planning practices and organizational growth.

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Taking Measure 2015

As a follow-up to the benchmark report in 2012, GCN partnered with Foundation Center-Atlanta, the Southeastern Council of Foundations, and Corporate Volunteer Vouncil of Atlanta to continue to measure the alignment between Georgia foundations and nonprofits.

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Board Membership Motivations

Our study provides insight into what drives board service, as well as demographic and psychographic data, from our survey of more than 700 Geor­gia board members.

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Nonprofit IMPACT Awards 2013 [case studies]

The second annual competition of The Home Depot Foundation's Building Community Network celebrates high-performance leadership in four categories—Building Leaders for the Sector, Valuing All Voices, Developing Strategic Alliances, and Promoting Personal Leadershipsharing the insights and best practices from the eight winning Atlanta nonprofits.

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A Study of Nonprofit Performance in the 23 County Metro Atlanta Area

Developed in partnership with The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, this survey examines strategy development and policy engagement among metro Atlanta organizations.

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Metro Atlanta Veterans Services Report

This 2012 report is the first comprehensive Metro Atlanta-focused research project designed to help the philanthropic, business, government and nonprofit  communities gain a more holistic understanding of how best to support area veterans. 

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The Economic Impact of Georgia's Nonprofit Sector

This 2012 research report quantifies our sector’s powerful and growing contribution to the overall health of our economy. The nonprofit sector in Georgia produces over 13.2% of the state's employment. Despite this, the economic impacts of nonprofit organizations are often given little attention by traditional economic theory and applied economics. 

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Nonprofit IMPACT Awards 2012 [case studies]

Launched in 2012 as a component of The Home Depot Foundation’s Building Community Network, this competition recognizes and shares best practices in Scaled Success, Innovative Process, Increased Support and Awareness, and Collaborative Action within Georgia’s nonprofit sector. This report showcases stories of eight nonprofits with initiatives that made considerable impact on their organization and mission, in one of four areas.

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Engaging the Nonprofit Workforce: Mission, Management and Emotion

This 2012 national research study by OpportunityKnocks.org, GCN's national HR reource, was conducted to better understand the ways in which nonprofit employees are engaged and the impact of engagement—and disengagement—upon individuals, organizations and the communities they serve.

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Taking Measure

GCN, in partnership with the Georgia Grantmakers Alliance and The Foundation Center - Atlanta, present the key findings of an in-depth 2012 survey that examines grant-making trends, practices and the needs of the sector.

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2011 Georgia Nonprofit Governance Index

An original research study by the Georgia Center for Nonprofits providing context and insight for citizens who serve as nonprofit board members and leaders.

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Navigating Health Care Reform

New comprehensive federal health care reform legislation means big changes for Georgia’s nonprofit organizations, employees, and the people you serve. In 2010, GCN created this introduction to help navigate these changes.

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Social Enterprise in Georgia

GCN, in partnership with The Home Depot Foundation, issued a survey to identify trends and identify challenges and opportunities in order to advance the field, inform investors, and further GCN‘s contrition to support nonprofit capacity-building.

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