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Case Study: Rainbow Village



Rainbow Village had committed to a goal of building a new campus that would triple their capacity to serve more families. The organization was undertaking a major capital campaign to fund this growth and they wanted to be prepared for success in the campaign. In partnership with the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, Rainbow Village asked for support in strategic planning and they acquired much more. With the oversight of GCN Consulting, they received an Organizational Assessment and Strategic Plan which helped prepare them to achieve their desired results.


GCN’s consultant assessed the organization and how its stakeholders perceive it. The same consultant also simultaneously and productively facilitated development of a strategic plan that aligned their board and staff on how to accomplish rapid growth.

The plan and planning process engaged the board fully. The action plans helped newly formed board committees get productively and immediately to work, tapping fully into their skill and talent.


  • Rainbow Village now has a comprehensive, actionable plan for strengthening the organization and how those committees and the staff can pursue the successful tripling.
  • Rainbow Village has a well-defined roadmap with an engaged and motivated board to help accomplish the work.


  • The CEO is also engaged in a nonprofit certificate program provided through an Allstate Foundation scholarship to enhance her professional and leadership development.

This partnership was made possible through a Nonprofit Toolbox award from The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta.

“She came with a different perspective than a lot of other consultants because she had worked with so many nonprofits.”

—Rev. Nancy Yancey, CEO

“We get so caught up in the day-to-day... Our staff were thrilled to be able to reflect on their good work and how they can do even more in the future as resources increase.”

—Rev. Nancy Yancey, CEO