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Case Study: Georgia Lions Lighthouse


For over fifty years, the Georgia Lions Lighthouse had operated with limited changes. Yet due to Georgia’s expanding population and an increase in the number of uninsured children, the organization experienced an increased demand for services. At the same time annual revenue was decreasing, volunteers were few, and the board was struggling to engage. Although the executive director knew alterations were necessary, she also needed to establish herself in her new role.


GCN’s consultant performed an organizational assessment in order to create a more comprehensive analysis of the current situation. With the full participation of the board and staff, GCN facilitated a process to identify priority actions needed to strengthen the organization. All staff and board members then adapted action plans, each with specific owners and detailed timeframes. A year later GCN helped them to reinforce their commitments by performing a one-year evaluation of their accomplishments. GCN then supported the organization in making much-needed changes to how the board functioned, as well making changes to their by-laws. Finally, GCN facilitated the development of a five year strategic plan, providing a roadmap from which the board and staff could work together to create their desired future.


  • The constitution of the organization was changed and the board was restructured. Diverse members with desired skill sets were added to the board.
  • The organization developed a customer needs assessment in addition to evaluation and tracking methodology that was used to launch a new campaign and fundraising event.
  • The organization created and acted on a five year strategic plan.


  • With the help of a capacity grant from the Healthcare Georgia Foundation, the executive director was able to work with a GCN executive coach. As she was struggling with the dual roles of an executive director and a mother, the coach helped her formulate a strategy to manage and balance her organizational and personal needs.

“Restructuring our constitution gave me more flexibility to modernize and grow the organization and to develop the board”

—Christina Lennon, Executive Director

“Our GCN consultant helped me work through some creative solutions that allowed me to keep my job and get more time with my family.”
—Christina Lennon, Executive Director