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Case Study: Dunwoody Nature Center



The City of Dunwoody recently became the new property owner of Dunwoody Park. The city had identified parks as a key ingredient to its success. Dunwoody Nature Center (DNC) wanted to coordinate with the city to obtain maximum support. An executive director transition was also underway. DNC’s board was eager to grow and its small staff was limited. It was an opportune time to develop a strategic plan to help the Dunwoody Nature Center board be clear about their roadmap in the midst of this opportunity and change.


GCN facilitated a comprehensive results-based strategic planning process including significant stakeholder surveys and interviews paired with hands-on coaching of board leaders.


  • DNC now has a clear roadmap with strategies, goals and actions to guide their board in this transition to help them coordinate with the city and other stakeholders.
  • DNC has a more focused plan for how the board can support fundraising to reach their goals. This includes a stretch by the board to fill a fundraising gap critical to the organization’s need.


  • Provided executive director succession advice and recruitment assistance which ultimately led to success in identification of a highly qualified candidate.
  • Helped board restructure to better define responsibilities and distribute leadership among officers and working committees.

“The strategic plan is building the enthusiasm of board, staff and volunteers.”

—Anne Hicks, Board Chair

“GCN’s consultant truly wants us to succeed. We could not have made it this far without her.”
—Anne Hicks, Board Chair