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Consulting Areas of Expertise

As the leading consulting organization for Georgia's nonprofit executives and board members, GCN's Nonprofit Consulting Group has a breadth and depth of management consulting experience in virtually all major categories of consulting services. In addition, our consultants are available for individualized presentations at retreats and workshops.

Strategy for Greater Impact

Before you can have an impact on the community, you have to have a strategy. Community impact is the result of establishing clarity, designing your theory of change, building leadership and collaborative teams, and managing performance. learn more

Strategic Planning and Performance Management

Strategic planning is the act of creating a reliable, comprehensive blueprint prioritizing and focusing your organization’s resources over a three- to five-year timeline. We can help by doing an internal and external assessment, designing a reliable framework, developing goals and objectives, and managing performance and implementation. learn more

Resource Development

Get ready to reach your fundraising vision. Whether your ambition is to deepen local impact, scale your operation, launch a major project, or craft sustainable revenue strategies, GCN’s Nonprofit Consulting Group brings unrivaled experience in crafting customized revenue strategies for purpose-driven organizations.We can help you succeed by creating a winning revenue strategy, crafting a donor-centric development operation, and changing your fundraising DNA. learn more

Board Development and Governance

Ready to transform the way your board and management team work together, amplify leadership impact, and achieve more powerful results? We can help, with a board development and governance impact practice offering multiple areas of support. learn more

Executive Search

A change in your executive lineup affects constituents, staff, the board, donors, partners, and, often, the broader community. Let our team of experienced nonprofit experts find you the right leadership candidate. learn more

Succession Planning

Succession planning is an opportunity to plan for the organization’s future with the Board and the CEO. Succession planning ensures that you identify and develop future leaders to meet the goals of your strategic plan, increase the probability of internal succession, and provide sustainability through a leadership transition. learn more

Executive Coaching and Team Building

The Georgia Center for Nonprofits can strengthen your leadership strategies, empower teams for top efficiency, and assist you through leadership changes. We provide tailored executive coaching services for individuals and teams to help define and advance leadership capacities, understand common deficits and bad habits, and solve specific challenges. For a more holistic experience, we can provide leadership development coaching, giving you the tools to develop leaders internally. learn more 

Effectiveness Evaluation

Our expert consultants work closely with your organization to create and implement an evaluation process designed to monitor success and improve effectiveness in all areas—including program management, fundraising, and communications. In addition, our team is highly qualified in the assessment and evaluation of federal and national grants.

Market Research

Whether you are trying to reach a new demographic or plan a project launch, market research is the best way to ensure that your organization is serving your constituents with the most effective in products, solutions, and outreach. Our consultants approach market research with an in-depth look at data and trends in the external environment (in demographics, technology, economics, and more), the state of your sub-sector, and your organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses.

Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

Thinking about an earned-income venture? Business plans and feasibility studies are effective methods to determine if you have a market, whether you can really make money, and what kind of investment is needed to be successful. Our consultants can provide the research and financial projections to test your idea, and complete a business plan to provide the roadmap for implementation and investment.