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Georgia Gives All-Stars | Gwinnett United in Drug Education

How did one nonprofit keep up its Georgia Gives Day momentum, pulling in more than $4,000 on gagives.org after the big day had come and gone?

On last year’s Georgia Gives Day, Gwinnett United in Drug Education (GUIDE) raised $11,340, providing scholarship money to staff its Georgia Teen Institute (GTI) program, a youth leadership summer camp. That, however, was only the beginning: since then, they've been leveraging gagives.org platform as a year-round fundraising hub by taking advantage of the site’s built-in “personal fundraiser” feature.

“We ask each individual GTI staff member to help us raise funds in whatever way they want, whether it’s $5 or $500,” said Shannon Veronesi, GUIDE’s director of youth leadership and engagement and the director of GTI. “A lot of the time, fundraising is a new concept for our staff members because the majority of them are high schoolers, so the Georgia Gives platform allowed them to actually create their own website.”

Those individual fundraiser pages drive engagement with a personal story, explaining why GTI means so much in the fundraiser’s life, and shows how easy it is to make an immediate donation, “by just clicking on a button.”

With just 15 fundraisers, GUIDE was able to pull in an additional $4,027.

Incorporating the campaign into their emails and Facebook page, Georgia Gives Day “helped us kickstart our social media,” said Veronesi.  “When we decided to do Georgia Gives, we all committed to keeping up with our Facebook page and blog, and starting a Twitter account.” The additional online donations, she says, are the direct result of “keeping people connected to us. And that’s why the whole social media thing isn’t going away.”

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