One of Your Organization’s Most Visible Documents: Understanding IRS Form 990

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
| by Guest Contributor |

Ahead of our upcoming webinar (free to GCN members!), Mauldin & Jenkins Tax Director Mary Jo Alexander reminds us that IRS Form 990 isn't just...

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 990 is an exhaustive, complicated tax filing that goes well beyond simply reporting annual financial results. Further, the report is available publicly, seen by prospective donors, nonprofit analysts, the news media and others interested in the tax-exempt arena. This means nonprofit leaders should make time to become familiar this report and understand the information it communicates to these many audiences.

Managing the Nonprofit Facility: Renovations and Construction

Friday, December 12, 2014
| by Guest Contributor |

One of the most challenging tasks for many nonprofit organizations is the job of adapting their physical facilities to their evolving functional needs within the...

The nonprofit facility is often constantly evolving. From routine and cyclical maintenance to meeting the needs of a new mission-critical program, existing facilities may need to be expanded, renovated, or reconfigured; or a new facility may need to be planned and built. Projects have to be put together to achieve those results.

Nonprofit Voice | Downtown's Big Year

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
| by Guest Contributor |

For 73 years, GCN member Central Atlanta Progress (CAP) has overseen Downtown Atlanta through many times of transition and growth as the neighborhood has been...

Earlier this year, the New York Times released a list of “52 places to go in 2014” that included destinations around the globe—and Downtown Atlanta was one of them! With the inauguration of the Atlanta Streetcar, the opening of both the Center for Civil and Human Rights (GCN member) and the College Football Hall of Fame, as well as the groundbreaking for a new Atlanta Falcons Stadium, Downtown Atlanta is the place to BE. 

Nonprofit Voice | Everyone’s Market: Starting a Movement, and Fighting Food Insecurity, at the Farmers Market

News about food insecurity and urban food deserts across the country is ongoing and largely discouraging; a recent Atlanta magazine feature points out that half...

The veteran farmers market shopper might ask, “Why isn’t everyone shopping here?” With a bounty of fresh, locally-grown food available at farmers markets across the state, and such a growing interest in shopping locally and sustainably, why are such small numbers of Georgians shopping at their area market? In 2012, Georgia Organics set out to answer that question—particularly as it relates to statewide food insecurity.

Nonprofit Voice | Confessions of a climate accepter and community builder

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
| by Guest Contributor |

Earth Day turns 44 years old today. From the first celebration in the United States on April 22, 1970, Earth Day has grown into one...

It’s Earth Day. 44 years we’ve been celebrating it, now. We’ve come so far since those surreal years (before my time) when evil companies just dumped chemicals on the ground, in our rivers, or sent them up smoke stacks. So many battles were hard-fought by those early environmental heroes. Big laws were passed, and big lawsuits were won. Dr. Seuss’s Lorax was redeemed!